Illustrated Maps of Berlin

Home Sweet Home

› This is my colorful hand drawn map of the central districts and sights of Berlin.
I show the city centre Mitte, plus the popular precincts of Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain,
Prenzlauer Berg, Wedding and Tiergarten/Moabit. For each district I've drawn icons
of typical buildings, people, animals and street art.

› I've also turned this map illustration into a Set of 5 Postcards, which show
Mitte, Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain, Wedding, Tiergarten and Prenzlauer Berg separately.

› Another map of Berlin-Buch, where I grew up and used to go to school. It is
permanently on sale as a high quality art print at "Buchladen in Buch" and
"Buchhandlung im Helios-Klinikum" (13125 Berlin).

› ...and another map of Schwanebeck (Panketal) right East of Berlin-Buch,
where my parents live. This map was meant as a gift for my father, who's
the district major of Schwanebeck.