New Italy Map | March 27, 2024

› Here comes my new map illustration of Italy!
I have traveled to Italy many times and this map shows
the memories of my road trips and train journeys through
the country. I have highlighted all the major cities from
North to South such as Milan, Turin, Venice, Florence,
Pisa, Rome and Naples as well as the beautiful islands
of Sardinia and Sicily. In my black and white icons I
have focused on the excellent Italian cuisine (featuring
of coursepizza, pasta, olive oil, gelato and many more)
together with the beautiful historical architecture,
nature and personal favourites.

› Available as high quality art print in 3 sizes and as a
postcard in my online shop.

New Portugal Map | Dec 1, 2023

› My new map illustration of Portugal is out now! I've
been traveling to Portugal several times and this map
shows the memories of my road trips with my friends
and cycling tours across the country as well as my art
residency this year in Burgau. I've highlighted all major
cities from North to South, like Porto, Braga, Coimbra,
Lisbon, Evora, Lagos and Faro all the way down to the
Algarve coast. I've illustrated the outstanding Portuguese
food (like cataplana and pastel de nata) along with it's
beautiful historic architecture and wild life.

› Available as high quality art print in 3 sizes and as a
postcard in my online shop.

New map for Bezirksamt Neukölln | July 19, 2023

› My brand new illustrated map Neukölln entdecken
for Bezirksamt Neukölln is out! The folded map shows
the touristic highlights not only of popular Northern
Neukölln (with Tempelhofer Feld, Hasenheide, KINDL
Brauerei, Rixdorf, Estrel and many more) but also of
Britz (like Schloss Britz, Britzer Mühle and Britzer Garten),
Buckow, Gropiusstadt and Rudow. The backside, which
I have also designed, gives detailed explanations of
the highlights along with public transport directions
and addresses.

› The maps are available at the tourist info point at
Treptower Hafen and also in several Neukölln hotels.

My Australia Map on Netflix HBO show
Last Stop Larrimah | June 1, 2023

› My Australia map illustration is featured in the Netflix / HBO 
documentary called Last Stop Larrimah, which saw its world
premiere at famous Austin, TX South by Southwest festival!
The documentary, which was shot in Australia, investigates
the disappearance of Paddy Moriarty, a resident of the tiny
town of Larrimah in the Northern Territory in 2017. Paddy
left the local pub with his dog Kelly on a December day
never to be seen again and each of the other 10 residents
becomes a potential suspect of the investigations – a true
crime story, which unsettles Australia to this day. My map
gets about 9 seconds of screentime – really proud! The
documentary is screened in the US on HBO and is also
being aired in Germany on Netflix! 

New map for BBC History Magazine | May 1, 2023

› My new art work for BBC History magazine, May 2023
shows a historic map of 16th century Tudor London!
The article Tudor London: A Global City examines how
even back then London was a melting pot for migration
and attracted visitors from all over the world. I had the
pleasure to draw the historic center of London within its
former city walls (in red) and the outskirts such as
Clerkenwell, Bishops Gate and Smithfield (in blue).
Thank you for the collaboration History Extra!

Cover Illustration for Donaukiez Berlin | Jan 1, 2023

› Here is my brand new calendar book cover illustration
for Donaukiez Quartiersmanagement in Berlin-Neukölln!
The 2023 calendar cover is one of my favorite projects of
the past months and an opportunity for me to turn my
black and white drawings into coloured pictures. I've
illustrated the street life of Donaustraße and surroundings,
its signature buildings (like the landmark town hall of
Neukölln) and inhabitants into one quirky colorful collage.
All this is populated by cats, dogs, birds and other pets
from the area, some of which are being portrayed by
an interview on the inside pages of the book.

› If you live in Neukölln you can pick up one copy for
free at Donaustraße 7, 12043 Berlin during their
opening hours as long as stock lasts. Thank you for
the collaboration, it was a pleasure!

My original tree drawings | Oct 2, 2022

› My 2 original tree drawings hung at my newly
painted blue wall! Each drawing has a dimension
of 1m x 70cm. I had originally drawn them as
part of my large forest panorama, which is more
than 4 meters long. These are the first two of 6
consecutive tree drawings. The artworks are
entirely done by pencil and it took me about
3 weeks to finish each of them.

› The tree drawings are also available as high
quality art prints and postcards.

48 Stunden Neukölln 2022 | June 24–26, 2022

› This weekend I will present my new artwork during
the 48hrs Neukölln 2022 art festival festival in our
gallery graumalerei together with Anna Benner and
Marcela Bustamante ! In our group show Welcome
according to this year's festival theme Hos
Geldin Tavsan!
we examine our personal coping
mechanisms with the past pandemic.

› My black and white hand drawn piece I am going
to bump my head off
deals with my experience
of donating blood for the first time in my life and
ending up with a big bruise on my forehead because
I fainted in the process.

› The exhibition will be up until Sunday (June 26)
at 19h, so if you’re in the Neukölln area you can
stroll by to take a look at the art work. The
address is graumalerei gallery, Reuterstr. 82,
12053 Berlin.

New Sydney map | Dec 11, 2021

› Finally it’s here: A new addition to my online shop
is my brand new illustrated map of Sydney, Australia!
I’ve hand drawn all the important places like the CBD,
Inner West, North Shore, The Rocks and many more.
Also I have illustrated many popular destinations within
the city like Bondi Beach, Manly Beach, Luna Park, the
Sydney Harbour, the Opera, the Harbour bridge, the
area around Kind street, the zoo - take a look at the
map to discover everything!

› The map is available as a high quality art print on
300 gsm © Mohawk Superfine Smooth warmwhite
Paper and signed in the front; available in 4 different
formats in my online shop (free worldwide shipping)
– of course I also have a complementary Australia map!

GEO Magazin Wohllebens Welt | Sept 4, 2021

› I'm very grateful about my double page feature in the
new autumn issue of GEO Magazin Wohllebens Welt, out
now! I'm part of the article Naturzeichnen (nature drawing)
starting on page 90, which portraits 5 artists from Europe,
who draw their inspiration from animals and nature. My
interview is on page 94-95 – the text talks about my
inspiration, my love for drawing trees and how I knew
even as a child that I wanted to become an illustrator.

Wohllebens Welt is a magazine which is published 4
times a year by GEO in cooperation with Peter Wohlleben,
one of Germany's most famous foresters and author of
Das geheime Leben der Bäume (The hidden life of Trees).
The magazine is focused on the importance of forests
and biodiversity, especially facing the challenges of
climate change in Germany and beyond. Thank you
GEO for choosing my tree drawings and spreading
the appreciation for art and our environment!

› You can find my panoramic tree drawings here.

48 Stunden Neukölln 2021 | June 18–20, 2021

› Our new exhibition Rising is up at graumalerei as part
of 48hrs Neukölln 2021 art festival. Here is my piece
Astronaut, my interpretation of this year's festival theme AIR.

› Me and my graumalerei co-artists Anna Benner and
Josefina Preumayr have explored AIR in drawings based
on 3 different atmospheric levels of the universe: the
surface of the earth, the troposphere and outer space.
My drawing investigates the 3rd level, the airless
nothing-space of the universe around us. How can
you draw something that’s actually not there?

› The window exhibition will be up until Sunday (June 20)
at 19h, so if you’re in the Neukölln area you can stroll
by to take a look at the window. The address is graumalerei
gallery, Reuterstr. 82, 12053 Berlin.

New Japan Map | Oct 30, 2020

› Just in time before christmas here is my brand new
illustrated map of Japan map, now available in my
Etsy online shop! I have illustrated all main islands
as well as the major cities, with a focus on famous
landmarks, typical Japanese food, wildlife and cultural
icons. The light rose color sheme evokes the well
known cherry blossom season.

› The Japan map illustration is also available as a
postcard in my online shop.

Photoshoot with Lisa Weinstein | Oct 20, 2020

© Lisa Weinstein

› Recently I got a visit of Moscow-Berlin-based photographer
Lisa Weinstein at my studio gallery graumalerei in Neukölln.
It was a really nice session, we talked about my work, how
we both studied communication design and what life is like
to be an artist in Berlin. All the while Lisa took these really
beautiful photos!

› She runs a really nice photo series called The Daily
Weinstein Refugium
where she portraits artists in both
Berlin and Moscow in their personal spaces. Check her
instagram @lisawetta for more photos!

New Australia Map | August 19, 2020

› Here it is, my new Australia map! This project had
been in the making for a long time and is now available
in my Etsy online shop!

› I've drawn all major cities like Sydney, Melbourne,
Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra and Darwin
along with some outback highlights like famous Uluru
rock. I have illustrated the unique animal wildlife (like
koala, kangaroo, wombat, quokka, emu, crocodile,
platypus, echidna...) and the natural wonders of
Australia as well as the mountain ranges, lakes and
deserts. A dotted line indicates possible routes for
an Australian road trip.

South America Map for University of Kent | July 26, 2020

› I'm excited to share a project with the University of Kent
and Natalia Sobrevilla, Professor of Latin American History
that I'm really proud of: For the documentary film
Independencia de America Del Sur: Rutas de Libertad
(South American Independence: Routes to Liberty)
I have illustrated an interactive map which features all
the important characters like Simón Bolívar and San Martín
as well as crucial battles and key insignia such as the book
of Constitucíon. The documentary talks in detail about
each point of interest that I have drawn on the map.

› Tonight at 9pm UK time the film is being launched on
Youtube in a Film Screening and Panel Discussion,
I'm really excited about that!

Area Map for Neanderthal Museum | June 24, 2020

› In the past months I have been collaborating with
Neanderthal Museum on their new map of the museum
grounds. Today the map has been launched! From now
on it will be distributed to each visitor of the museum
as an orientation aid.

› Besides the archeological Neanderthal-grounds, where
the first bones of homo neanderthalensis were found in
1856 close to the river Düssel, there’s also a modern
museum building with a permanent exhibition. The
vast outside area features a playground, a stone-age
workshop, an art discovery trail and a large enclosure
for ice-age species like bisons, tarpans and aurochs.

› In my illustration I have used a mix of colorful
backgrounds, guiding pictograms, hand lettered
typography and black-and-white illustrations of
the highlights. The Neanderthal Museum is open
Tuesday–Sunday for visitors.

New Oregon Map | June 10, 2020

› My new hand drawn map of Oregon, also known as the
Beaver State, is now available in my Etsy online shop!
I illustrated the cities like Portland and the capital Salem,
as well as the stunning mountainous nature and animal
wildlife of this beautiful North West Pacific state.

Map for BBC World Histories Magazine XXII | May 20, 2020

› My new map illustration for BBC World Histories has been
published! In this month's issue of In the footsteps of...
I have drawn the journey of botanist Jeanne Baret, the first
woman to circumnavigate the world in 1767-68!

Map for BBC World Histories Magazine XXI | March 9, 2020

› My latest map for BBC World Histories is out! This time
In the footsteps of... focuses on Norwegian explorer Fridtjof
Nansen and his famous quest to cross the entire Greenland
ice sheet in 1888.

graumalerei Photoshoot | March 6, 2020

© Caroline Wittig

› This portrait photo of me is part of our first real graumalerei
photoshoot and Instagram collaboration with the very talented
Potsdam based photographer Caroline Wittig! Her portrait
series puts our gallery and us artist behind it into the best light.
Check my instagram account for more photos from Caroline!

New South America Map | Dec 14, 2019

› Here is my brand new South America map print, now
available in my Etsy online shop! It shows all major
countries like Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay,
Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana,
Suriname and French Guiana and their capitals.
The map focuses on the stunning wildlife and nature
of South America as well as on touristic highlights,
the highest mountains and the Panamericana route.

Feature Sieben auf einen Strich Blog | Dec 10, 2019

› I just got an interview feature for the illustration blog
Sieben auf einen Strich! Every day over the course of one
year this blog publishes an interview with an illustrator
or comic artist from Germany. I have drawn a self portrait
and answered 7 questions by talking about my inspiration
and the worst experience in my work life so far. Have a read!

Map for BBC World Histories Magazine XVIII | Nov 25, 2019

› My latest map for BBC World Histories is out! This time
In the footsteps of... is a special double page feature of
Moroccan scholar Ibn Battuta and his journey across the
old world in the 14th century AD. In a time when travelling
was impossible for most people the intrepid Moroccan
managed to travel from Africa to the Arabian Peninsula,
to the Osman Empire, India & Ceylon, South East Asia
and China in a journey that would cover about 120,00 km
and span 29 years of his life.

Sketch of the Week: Croatia | October 8, 2019

› I have just returned from my trip to Croatia: The
Romanesque Cathedral of St. Anastasia in Zadar,
built in the 12th century AD is the largest church
in Dalmatia.

› You can find more travel drawings from my time
in Croatia on my Instagram account.

Map for BBC World Histories Magazine XVII | Sept 5, 2019

› My new map for BBC World Histories is out. This issue's
In the footsteps of... traces Simón Bolívar's famous conquest
from Venezuela to Colombia and subsequent freedom from
Spanish rule in 1819.

Map for BBC World Histories Magazine XVI | June 21, 2019

› My new map for BBC World Histories is out. This issue's
In the footsteps of... is about British novelist Robert Louis
Stevenson, who travelled from San Francisco to Hawaii in
1888. The map puts a focus on the Marquesas Islands and
Society Islands (Tahiti) South of the Equator, where
Stevenson passed by on his way to Hawaii.
The Magazine is published this month in the UK.

48 Stunden Neukölln 2019 | June 14–16, 2019

› Our new exhibition Astropoliology is up at graumalerei
as part of 48hrs Neukölln 2019. Here is my piece Ophiuchus,
the so-called ‘Serpent Bearer’ in Greek mythology.

› In my artwork I have ventured into fictional portrait drawing,
inspired by renaissance paintings. A mystical woman, holding
a serpent, which carries signs of sagittarius and ophiuchus in
its pattern. The bird stands for the quest of knowledge and
curiosity, while the background shows the corresponding star

Map for BBC World Histories Magazine XV | May 15, 2019

› My new map for BBC World Histories is out. This issue's
In the footsteps of... is about Germanicus' travels across
the Roman Empire from Italy to Egypt in AD 18-19

› The Magazine is published this month in the UK. Order it here.

Sketch of the Week: Sri Lanka & Vietnam | April–May, 2019

› I've spent a couple of weeks travelling Sri Lanka and
Vietnam. In Sri Lanka I took a hike at Sinharaja Rainforest,
home to the endemic Purple faced Leaf Monkey. In Vietnam
we took a boat tour around famous Halong Bay with its
beautiful archipelago of scenic rock islands.

› You can find more travel drawings and photos from my
time in Asia on my Instagram account.

Sketch of the Week: Ethiopia | March 12, 2019

› I have just returned from my journey to Ethiopia:
Our last stop was Addis Abeba, the bustling capital.
For dinner we went to the Armenian quarter sportsclub
for cucumber salad and mante soup.

› You can find more travel photos and drawings from
my time in Ethiopia on my Instagram account.

Map for ITB Berlin Transport Guide | March 6, 2019

› For this year's ITB Berlin, the world's largest tourist fair
at Messe Berlin, which ran from March 6–10, 2019 I've
illustrated the Berlin Transport Guide. This folded pocket
flyer, which was handed out to every visitor, shows my
map of Berlin from Alexanderplatz to the ITB venue in
Charlottenburg/Messe Süd. It focuses on the ITB shuttle
bus lines and the major public transport stations leading
to the fair grounds.

› A special mention went to the affiliated Berlin Travel Festival
in Treptow, which happened on the same weekend.

› Take a look at my original Berlin map illustration.

Map for BBC World Histories Magazine XIV | Febr 12, 2019

› My new map for BBC World Histories is out. This issue's
In the footsteps of... is about Ahmad Ibn Fadlan's historic
journey from Baghdad to present day Russia in the first
century AD. Amongst others, the written report in Arabic
language tells of the first historic encounters with vikings
coming down the Volga river.

› The Magazine is published this month in the UK. Order it here.

UK Hotel Map for Netjets Magazine | January 10, 2019

› My new map of England, Wales and Scotland for
Netjets magazine, with a focus on the best estate hotels in place.

Sketch of the Week | December 24, 2018

› My sketch of the week is the historic Town Hall in Wernigerode.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Map for BBC World Histories Magazine XIII | Dec 20, 2018

› My new map for BBC World Histories is out. This issue's
In the footsteps of... is about the exploration of New France
and Canada and the founding of Québec city in 1608 by
French explorer and navigator Samuel de Champlain.

› The Magazine is published this month in the UK. Order it here.

Interview with StudyNZ blog | December 6, 2018

© Vicky TePuni

› 5 years after finishing my Master degree in New Zealand,
the NZ Education Government StudyNZ has published an
interview with me on their blog! In the interview Getting
New Zealand on the Map
I'm talking about my Masters
– a graphic novel about my life in Auckland – and my
experience at Unitec, plus I'm giving advise for future students.

› Read the whole interview here.

New Jungle Print | Nov 8, 2018

› My new jungle drawing is finally available in my Online Shop
as a high quality art print and as lovely set of 4 art postcards!
This wild jaguar is one of the details, click here to see the full

Map for BBC World Histories Magazine XII | Sept 25, 2018

› My latest map for BBC World Histories is out. This issue's
In the footsteps of... is about Edward Lear, the British painter
and poet, who traveled across Albania, formerly part of the
Ottoman Empire in 1848. He was supposed to sketch the
people and places but often got chased away because at the
time in Muslim belief it was considered to be a devilish act
to draw the image of a person.

› The Magazine is published this month in the UK. Order it here.

Sketch of the Week | August 25, 2018

› My sketch of the week is from my recent stay at the Baltic Sea.
Every year I go to the same place on Usedom island together with
my family so it was time to finally draw the endless beach.

Map for BBC World Histories Magazine XI | August 16, 2018

BBC World Histories shows a new historic map of mine in their
latest issue XI! This time I was asked to illustrate the famous,
but ill-fated expedition of Burke & Wills in Australia in 1860-61,
from Melbourne to the Gulf of Carpentaria in the North, ending
in a dramatic struggle for survival at Cooper's Creek in Central
Australia. Burke apparently had no bush experience whatsoever
and set off with 20 tonnes of supplies, which made the first
wagon break down just 200 metres after departure!

› The Magazine is published this month in the UK. Order it here.

Sketch of the Week | July 17, 2018

› My sketch of the week is from my trip to Morocco: The court
of Riad in Marrakech, where we stayed and sat for ages every
day having breakfast..

Morocco | July 12, 2018

› I have gone on a short trip to Marrakech. I'm doing a 2-day
trip into Zagoura, where the Sahara desert starts. By crossing
over the Atlas & Anti-Atlas mountains and the oasis of Dra Valley
we also passed by the historc Berber village of Aït Benhaddou.

Map for BBC World Histories Magazine X | July 4, 2018

› A detail of my recent map for BBC World Histories magazine
issue X: this time the map traces the quest of José de San Martín
from Argentina across the Andes to free Chile from Spanish rule
in 1817.

› The Magazine is published this month in the UK. Order it here.

48 Stunden Neukölln 2018 | June 22–24, 2018

› Our new exhibition #sowasvonecht is up at graumalerei as part
of 48hrs Neukölln 2018. The group show is all about that fake
Instagram reality. I'm contributing my new Portugal drawings
that I've been working on during our artist residency in May.

Sketch of the Week | May 30, 2018

› My sketch of the week is a tiled building in Lagos, Praça Luís
de Camões, Portugal. From my artist residency travel diary.

Portugal Artist Residency | May 8, 2018

graumalerei has gone on a first artist residency to Portugal.
In Burgau, a small fishing village in the Algarve coast we are
going to spend the next 4 weeks drawing and painting. We'll
show the results in a group show once we're back to Berlin.

Bintan Map for Netjets | May 2, 2018

› Close up detail of my recent map of Indonesia's Bintan island
for Netjets magazine. Here I show a lionfish and sea star in the
South China Sea along with a local temple figure. The magazine
is out now.

A Perfect Mountain – Group Show | April 26, 2018

› My sketch of the week is an invitation to our new group show
Mountains this weekend at graumalerei! We're featuring 19
talented artist who all created their own interpretation of the
mountains theme. My new piece is called A perfect Mountain.

› The show is running as part of Berlin's Gallery Weekend on
Saturday from 3–11 pm and on Sunday from 3–8 pm. There will
be a Vernissage on Saturday evening, starting at 19h.
The address is Reuterstr 82, 12053 Neukölln.

Sketch of the Week | April 16, 2018

› My sketch of the week is a portrait of my mother drinking coffee
and reading at the kitchen table. I used colored pencils this time.

Map for BBC World Histories Magazine IX | April 10, 2018

› Issue IX of BBC World Histories magazine is out! This time my
illustrated map is about Roman writer Pliny the Younger, who set
out to the Eastern corners of the Roman Empire, Bithynia-Pontus
(modern day Turkey) in 111 AD.

› The Magazine is published this month in the UK. Order it here.

Sketch of the Week | April 5, 2018

› My sketch of the week are the volcanic mountains in
Fuerteventura, jotted down during a day hike.

Traveling to Fuerteventura | March 26, 2018

› I have to escape the Berlin winter, so I have decided to travel
to Fuerteventura, Canary Island, for some hiking and cycling
along the coastline. Much needed sun!

Sketch of the Week | March 9, 2018

› My sketch of the week is a big THANK YOU for reaching 1000
followers on my Instagram account! DANKE to everyone who
follows my artwork and for supporting me as an artist.

Map for BBC World Histories Magazine VIII | Febr 10, 2018

› My latest map illustration for BBC World Histories Magazine shows
the legendary Hippy Trail from London via Istanbul, Tehran and
Afghanistan to India, Nepal and South East Asia in the late 1960s.
This was one of my favourite maps ever, with quirky details and
bold color choices, like the sea in pink. So much fun to draw!

› The Magazine is published this month in the UK. Order it here.

Instagram Takeover for BKK | Febr 5, 2018

› For the lovely Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv I'm doing an Instagram
takeover until February 7th! Check out their account for insights
into my work, studio and inspiration.

Map for BBC World Histories Magazine VII | Dec 1, 2017

› My new map for BBC World Histories Magazine is out: This time
it's about Greek explorer Pytheas' mythical quest for Thule in the
Northern Ocean in the 4th century BC. He was also the first explorer
to sail around the Britannic islands and encounter Celtic people.

› The Magazine is published this month in the UK. Order it here.

Graumalerei 1st Anniversary Show | November 25, 2017

› My Jungle drawing is coming along well! This tree frog is a detail
of the large 100x70cm illustration that I've been working on in the
past weeks. I'll show the finished original piece exclusively in our
upcoming graumalerei anniversary show Under the Weather this
Saturday, Nov 25 – please come along! The Opening will be from
19–22h at Reuterstr. 82 with music, Glühwein and snacks.
The exhibition is running daily from 15-20h until December 2nd.

Illustration for Scuba Diving Magazine | Nov 5, 2017

› I have drawn a coral reef in Cuba for Scuba Diving Magazine.
It's located at Zapata Peninsula, which was shut off the public for
decades and offers some real first time diving discoveries.
Amongst others I've illustrated a large parrot fish, a muray eel,
a shoal of French grunts and a crab.

Sketch of the Week | November 4, 2017

› My sketch of the week is a drawing from Lutherstadt Wittenberg
where I went to see the exhibition for the 500th anniversary of the
Reformation. I accidently attended a church service at Stadtkirche,
where I got to draw Martin Luther's relief, while everyone around
me was praying.

Happy 3rd Birthday to my Shop! | Nov 1, 2017

› 3 years ago I opened my Etsy Online Shop! Happy Birthday!
To celebrate this I'm offering a worldwide Free Shipping Coupon
valid from today until Nov 5, 2017. Simply use the coupon code
HAPPYBIRTHDAYSHOP3 in my Online Shop – a good opportunity
to look for christmas gifts!

Map for BBC World Histories Magazine VI | Oct 1, 2017

› This is my new map of Germany's Moselle region – formerly
Germania Inferior of Roman Gaul – for BBC World Histories Magazine.
It traces the journey of Roman writer Ausonius along the Moselle
river from Bingen to Trier in 368 AD. I had no idea that under the
Roman empire the city of Koblenz used to be called Confluentes
and Trier Augusta Treverorum. Apparently even back then the
Moselle region was famous for its wine!

› The Magazine is published this month in the UK. Order it here.

BKK Design Jungle Popup | Sept 22, 2017

© Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv

› Our lovely Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv is organizing a new Pop-up shop!
This time it's all about the theme Design Jungle, with exciting new
brands. I'm happy to participate with my new jungle-themed artwork.
The Pop-up Shop is running from September 22–October 3rd 2017 at
Bernauer Straße 49, 10435 Berlin. There's also exciting creative work-
shops happening, for tickets check out Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv's website.

› The beautiful design of the poster was made by talented fellow
illustrator Tara Deacon.

Map for BBC World Histories Magazine V | Aug 18, 2017

› Here's my latest map of Northern Africa & the Sahara for BBC World
Histories magazine
! This time it's all about Scottish adventurer Alexander
Gordon Laing and his quest to discover the mythical city of Timbuktu
in Mali in 1825–26. His story is pretty dramatic and I enjoyed choosing
the colors for the map and illustrating the camel trains, fennec foxes
and desert oasis along the way!

› The Magazine is published this month in the UK. Order it here.

New Rävemåla Map in my Online Shop | Aug 4, 2017

› Here's the project I've been working on while staying at the lovely
Rävemåla Residency Programme: My new exclusive bicycle map of
Rävemåla in Sweden! It's my gift to the artist residency and all the
future and past residents. I’ve tried all the bike routes myself and
have illustrated the places I’ve discovered. There’ll be one map
hanging inside the residency, and it’s also available now as a high
quality art print in my Online Shop.

› You can see the full view of the map here.

Sketch of the Week | July 14, 2017

› My sketch of the week is a view of Pataholm, the most idyllic little
village on the Kalmar Strait. I went there with my bicycle and spent
some hours sitting on the boat landing watching the clouds wander
by and some brave Swedish kids jumping into the cold Baltic water.

› Take a look at my new hand drawn Sweden diary, where I recorded
sketches of all the places I discovered during my artist residency in
Rävemåla, South Sweden.

Artist Residency in Rävemåla, Sweden | July 3–31, 2017

› I have just started my 1-month artist residency as part of the
Rävemåla Residency Programme in this beautiful artist cottage in
the Swedish countryside! I'll share the house with 2 other artist,
Rafal Zapala from Poland, and Taylor Edin from the U.S. I really
can't wait for the experience!

› Check my Instagram for more insights and updates of my progress!

Map for BBC World Histories Magazine IV | June 19, 2017

› My latest map of ancient Spain and Portugal for issue 4 of
BBC World Histories magazine! It follows the path of German
scientist and explorer Hieronymus Münzer from the South
of France all around Spain and the Kingdom of Portugal in
1494-95, where he encountered a civet cat, the Alhambra
in Grenada and the University of Salamanca.

› The Magazine is published this month in the UK. Order it here.

Map of Sylt for Netjets Magazine III | May 22, 2017

› Here's a close-up of my illustrated map of Sylt island for the
latest Netjets customer magazine! It shows the possible places
you can visit on Sylt within 24 hours, starting at Manne Pahl
Restaurant, followed by a walk in the wadden, a visit to Galerie
Herold and dinner at Sansibar.

Sketch of the Week | May 12, 2017

› This sketch was done on the island hopping ferry from Ko Lanta
to Ko Jum island in Thailand. A guy had fallen asleep on the seat
opposite me. The air con was so cold, everyone had to wear jackets
inside the boat, despite it being 30 degrees outside!

Map for BBC World Histories Magazine III | May 5, 2017

› Issue 3 of BBC World Histories magazine is out and this time
I have drawn a historic map of the Hindu Kush region! The map
shows the path of Alexander Gardner, an American adventurer
and soldier who had to escape from Afghanistan in 1826, leading
to a 2 year journey via Kyrgyzstan, the Pamirs, China, and India
back to Afghanistan. Illustrating the map was a lot of fun as the
whole region was uncharted territory for me and I didn't know a
place like Kafiristan of Baluchistan ever existed!

› The Magazine is published this month in the UK. Order it here.

Sketch of the Week | April 16, 2017

› Another drawing from my travel diary to Thailand, this one is
from my last day in Bangkok. I had lunch at a street food stall
underneath the Sukhumvit skytrain rails. I ate something like
a soup with fish balls and lots of chili. The woman cooking was
called Manee (the one in the dotted shirt), she was curious what
I had drawn and signed with her own name.

Map for BBC World Histories Magazine II | March 27, 2017

› For the recent issue 2 of BBC World Histories magazine I have
drawn a historic map of the Himalayan region. The map traces
the route of the British army invading Tibet in 1903-04, from
Northern India to Lhasa, where the Dalai Lama resided. It was
quite challenging to research about the map and I'm learning
more and more about history that way!

› The Magazine is published this month in the UK. Order it here.

Launch of my own Online Shop | March 15, 2017

› I have just launched my very own independent Online Shop!
Take a look:

› My existing Etsy Online Shop is still up and running, too.

Back from Cambodia! | Febr 23, 2017

› I've returned from 6 weeks journey in South East Asia, it was
amazing! The image above is a panoramic view over Kep, in
Cambodia's Kampot region looking over to Vietnam.

› Take a look at my Instagram feed for more travel snapshots!

Trip to Thailand & Cambodia | Jan 11–Febr 22, 2017

› I'm travelling again, this time to Thailand & Cambodia! I'll research
about new maps for this area and will also keep a hand drawn travel
diary. I will be gone until February 22nd, but you can still contact me
via while I'm away.

› PS: This map of South-West Thailand was originally done for Glamour
(June 2016), but definitely inspired me for this trip!

Sketch of the Week | January 1, 2017

› My sketch of the week is a portrait drawing of my nephew.
Happy new year to everyone!

Glamour Magazine – India Map | Dec 17, 2016

› The January issue of Glamour Magazine Germany is out! For their
ongoing series about road trips they asked me this time to draw a map
of Southern India. This time I've done a colourful illustration of a road
trip from Chennai at the Indian Ocean to Kovalam at the Andaman
Sea coast.

Xmas Pop-up Shop at Graumalerei | Dec 10, 2016

© Carolina Búzio

› We'll be hosting our first Pop-up Shop I'm dreaming of a grey Christmas
where we offer art prints, illustrations, gifts and products from Berlin
and the rest of the world. On the 10th from 2 pm on we'll have an
Opening event with Glühwein, hot drinks and cookies. The shop will
be open every day from 2 pm – 8 pm until the 16th of December.

Berlin Map for Babbel Magazine | December 7, 2016

Babbel has asked me to draw another typographic Map, this time
of Berlin! It appears in a funny blog campaign that shows the path
of Amelie Barbeau & 4fcoeur, 2 popular Candadian Youtube stars,
who tried to discover Berlin by using essential Berlin phrases like
'Wir werden das Kind schon schaukeln'. Thank you Babbel!

› Read the full article here!

Map for BBC World Histories Magazine | Nov 30, 2016

› This is a detail from a new map I have been commissioned to illustrate
for BBC World Histories Magazine. It shows the route of the famous
Arctic Expedition led by Sir John Franklin in 1845. I've chosen an
arctic blue-greenish background and illustrated the ships plus the
artefacts found along the way. A pleasure to work on it!

› The Magazine is published today in the UK. Order it here.

Sketch of the Week | November 28, 2016

› My sketch of the week is an old door of a beautiful house in Budapest,
Hungary, from a sketch book of mine from 2009. This weekend I fly to
Budapest again for a reunion with my friends from my Erasmus time
7 years ago!

Graumalerei Gallery Opening | November 25, 2016

© Carolina Búzio

› I've recently moved into our new art studio/gallery space graumalerei
that I'm sharing with my lovely friends Anna Benner and Carolina Búzio
in Neukölln! After lots of painting, constructing and preparing we finally
settled in and will have our Exhibition Opening on November 25th,
19h at Reuterstr. 82, 12053 Berlin!

› The exhibition will show our personal artwork based on the theme
graumalerei and will also feature our resident artists Mikko Heino &
Lindakaroliina Söderman from Finland. Would be lovely to see you
there on the 25th, there'll be Glühwein and Live Music too!

Sketch of the Week | November 22, 2016

› My sketch of the week is my coffee cup from which I've
been drinking constantly while working on my exhibition piece
for our gallery opening at graumalerei.

Experience Magazine – Illustration | Nov 2, 2016

› For Expericence, the American Express Customer Magazine in Germany
I was asked to do an illustration of the Museum der Moderne in Salzburg,
Austria. This time I used a combination of my typical black & white
drawings with a watercolour background. Fun job!

Second Birthday of my Online Shop! | Nov 1, 2016

› Today it's my Online Shop's 2nd birthday! To celebrate this I'm
offering a worldwide Free Shipping Coupon valid only for today (Nov 1st).
Simply use the coupon code HAPPYBIRTHDAYSHOP when you purchase
something in my shop. A good opportunity to look for xmas gifts also.
Good luck!

Made in Berlin Pop-up-Event | October 17–19, 2016

› From Monday, October 17th until Wednesday, October 19th I'm
participating in the Pop-up-event MADE IN BERLIN at Ringcenter,
Frankfurter Allee! I'll be selling my art prints & postcards together
with fellow Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv designers Akeleidesigns &
Kazanians Bookshop. Come and say hi, I'll be there every day
from 10–21h (at Building 1/lowest floor)!

Sketch of the Week | October 10, 2016

› My sketch of the week is a quick portrait I've drawn of Carolina
when we were at a friend's place in Wedding.

ETSY Blog: FEATURED SHOP | September 22, 2016

© Zoë Noble

› Today I appear on the American Etsy Blog as a FEATURED SHOP.
Thank you, I feel so honoured!! Click here to read my entire interview,
where I talk about my inspiration, travels and vision for my shop,
or check Etsy's Instagram account!

Illustrated Map of Ireland artprint! | Sept 20, 2016

› My new illustrated Map of Ireland is finally out and available as a
beautiful art print and postcard in my Online Shop! A big Thank you
goes to my Irish friend Catherine for her expert advise on the best
places to travel. I definitely need to go there!

Sneak Peak: New Illustrated Map | Sept 7, 2016

› I've been working on a new map for my Online Shop. Here's a sneak
peek: Do you know which country it shows?

Illustration for Babbel Magazine | August 17, 2016

› For the popular language learning app Babbel I've been commissioned
to draw a typographic map of Vienna, showing typical Austrian slang
idioms that are hard to understand, even for Germans. For the full
article on Babbel Magazine, click here!

Our Summer Pop-up Shop is open! | August 14, 2016

© Carme Cirer

› Our Pop-up Shop is back to Torstrasse 161 this August! My products
will be there from August 14–25 along with 35 other super talented
Berlin designers from the Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv, open daily from 11 am –
8 pm. Come to our Opening party on Friday, 19th August from 6 – 10 pm!
We're also hosting workshops & eat ice cream, so you are welcome to
join in the fun!

Feature on iGNANT! | July 19, 2016

› And the feature goes on: Today I appear on the popular design & arts
online magazine iGNANT! I had the pleasure to draw seven answers in
their Illustrated Interview Series. Read here to find out about my happy
place and other insights. Thanks iGNANT!

Feature on Mit Vergnuegen! | July 12, 2016

› This week my Berlin Map Illustrations are featured on the fantastic
Berlin blog MitVergnuegen! Thank you! Here's a detail of one of my
favourite parts of Berlin, my artist studio is close to Oberbaumbrücke
in Friedrichshain. Also available as a postcard in my online shop.

Illustrated Map of New Caledonia | July 4, 2016

› Last year I had the pleasure to work on a book project, together with
French designer Enora Le Bourdonnec. The book is called Georges
Montagnat – Ce pionnier venu du Nord calédonien
and has been published
now, it's a biography of Georges Montagnat, a miner from the French
Département d'Outre Mer New Caledonia in the Pacific Ocean.

› I've illustrated a map of the island state (called Nouvelle Calédonie
in French) in the beginning of the book that shows all stations of
Georges' life. I definitely need to travel there! Such a pleasant work,
merci beaucoup!

Photo Shoot with Zoë Noble | June 27, 2016

© Zoë Noble

› For the press release of the Etsy Design Award 2016 talented Berlin-
based photographer Zoë Noble has visited my studio to shoot a portrait
of me and my bird illustration! So much fun, thank you Zoë!

Winner of Etsy Design Awards 2016 | June 20, 2016

› I've won the Etsy Design Award 2016 (Germany & Austria)!
My postcard of New Zealand birds was chosen by the jury in the Art,
Illustration & Paper Goods category. On the German Etsy Blog you
can find a detailed portrait of all the winners. Thanks to everyone
for your support!

Sketch of the Week | June 5, 2016

› With my sketch of the week I'm saying Thank You to everyone who
follows me on my Facebook Artist page – this week I reached 500 followers!

Glamour Magazine – Mongolia Map | June 4, 2016

› The July issue of Glamour Magazine Germany is out! For their ongoing
series about road trips they asked me this time to draw a map of China–
Mongolia–Russia following the path of the Transmongolian Railway.

› I loved doing the illustration, as I have done a similar trip with that
Railway back in 2011 myself and remembered the Samowar, the wild
horses, camels and sleeping overnight in a Yurt. I wish I could go back
immediately – check out my travel diary illustrations from that trip.

#UnserEtsy – Win a Shop Coupon! | May 19, 2016

› I'm taking part in the campaign #UnserEtsy, which focuses on
awesome products from Germany. If you are from Germany and
always wanted to shop on Etsy, this is the perfect opportunity:
This week and next week I'm raffling off 4 exclusive 10€ shopping
vouchers, that can be redeemed at my online shop or any
other German Etsy shops until the end of June.

› Check out my Instagram feed and Facebook page, where I
announce the details of the competition. Good luck!

ETSY Feature:
How to Organize a Pop-up Shop | May 18, 2016

© Jules Villbrandt

Etsy Success features an interview with Carolina Buzio and me
about our experience of organizing the Etsy – Zuhause in Deiner Stadt
Pop-up Shop last September in Berlin. So honoured! Check out the
Seller Handbook for the full article.

Glamour Magazine – Thailand Map | May 7, 2016

› The June issue of Glamour Magazine Germany commissioned me to
draw an illustrated map for an article about boat trips in Eastern
Thailand, from Krabi to Koh Tarutao and back to Bangkok!
Available in stores now!

Feature in All about Maps – by Sandu | May 02, 2016

Sandu, China's leading graphic design publisher has featured 4 of
my illustrated maps in their latest compendium All about Maps.
You can find my illustrated maps of Berlin and New Zealand on
pages 142–146. Thank you Sandu, I'm very honoured!

› The book is very well designed, with a nice choice of typography
and paper stock, available now through Sandu's website or Amazon.

Sketch of the Week | April 27, 2016

› My sketch of the week is a scene from my recent travel diary of New
Zealand – it shows my friend Nadine in a youth hostel at Tongariro
National Park on the evening after we did the 20 km volcano crossing.
More illustrations here!

Glamour Magazine feature – USA Map | April 11, 2016

› The May issue of Glamour Magazine Germany commissioned me to
draw an illustrated map for an article about road trips in the Southwestern
USA, from Los Angeles to New Orleans! I enjoyed researching about Texas,
New Mexico and Arizona and learnt about the stunning art installations in
the desert of Marfa, Texas. Available in stores now!

› I'm already working on a map for the next issue, available in mid-May,
so stay tuned!

Drawing at Botanical Gardens | April 7, 2016

› I've spent the day at Botanical Gardens in Berlin – I came to draw but
liked the palm trees in the tropical greenhouse so much, it felt like day
dream traveling. I'll post my sketches of the exotic plants soon!

Sketch of the week – Happy Easter | March 25, 2016

› Today is Good Friday and I have spent some hours in the kitchen
preparing family lunch: roasted chili sweet potatoes and carrot salad.
I loved the colors so much I had to draw a sketch. Happy Easter!

My Studio | March 24, 2016

› There's a nice light mood at my studio today.

Follow me on Instagram | March 21, 2016

› I'm joining Instagram for the first time! This week from Monday till
Friday I'll take over the Etsy Berlin Street Team account, posting some
daily peeks into my work and inspirations. I also created my own account
@theresagrieben, which will keep you entertained in the future. Please
follow me and spread the word!

› PS: The photo above shows my sketchbook when I had a late breakfast,
drawing inspiration from a pretty teatowel by Amelie Mancini and sipping
my coffee from Saara Kaatra's porcelain mug.

Back from Fiji & the South Pacific | February 19, 2016

› I'm back from my 6 weeks of traveling New Zealand and Fiji. It was
overwhelming! I've completed quite a few drawings, of which I post a
peek here, my room at Wayalailai Island – more illustrations here!

Traveling to New Zealand again | January 6, 2016

› I'm flying back to New Zealand! I'm invited to a friend's wedding and
will use my time to travel and explore the places I didn't get to see 3 years ago.
I'll also visit Fiji on the way. Will be back in February – Berlin, see you soon!

Frohe Weihnachten &
Happy New Year | December 24, 2015

› My sketch of the week is baking dinosaur cookies in the kitchen.
Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year!

Illustrated Beer Labels for Brewbot | Dec 18, 2015

› For the recently launched © BREWBOT beer brewing machine I've been
commissioned to design a series of 4 illustrated beer bottle labels.
These labels will be part of the Label Maker app, that each customer
can use to print out customized labels for their own batch of beer bottles.

BREWBOT is a concept that has been formed by a team of enthusiastic
engineers from Belfast. Kickstarted by a crowd funding campaign, this
machine is designed to let people easily brew their beer at home or their
restaurant. Check their website for more details!

Nudo Restaurant – Wine Menu | December 16, 2015

› The fabulous Italian Restaurant Nudo in Berlin-Kreuzberg has asked me
to design their wine menu on a wall in the main room of the restaurant.
I've used white chalk pens and wrote the entire menu of Italian, Spanish,
French, Austrian and German wines by hand in special calligraphy. It was
such a lot of work but I love the result! I even got invited to octopus and
Foccacia for the occasion. Check Nudo's website if you fancy good Italian food!

XMAS POP-up Shop – Last day! | December 14, 2015

© Eva Zahneissen

› Today is the last chance to visit our shop! We're open until 9pm,
come by for some last minute shopping and Glühwein!

XMAS POP-up Shop – Opening | December 2, 2015

› Our Xmas Pop-up Shop is open! We warmly invite everyone to come
join us for our Vernissage from 4–8 pm with Glühwein, Snacks and music.
During the 2 weeks of our opening we'll also have more events like a
Nikolaus Special on Sunday, the 6th of December, a Long Night of Shopping
on Friday, the 11th of December, and a Finissage on December, the 14th.
Come to check out the beautifully decorated shop, buy handmade Christ-
mas gifts and discover new design talent! If you're in Berlin, make sure
not to miss out on that event.

› The shop is open from Monday – Saturday from 11–8 pm daily, the
address is GALERIE Torstraße 161, 10115 Berlin.

› This time the poster design was done by fellow illustrator Carolina Búzio.
Check our feature on Gopopup and our event on Facebook for updates!

XMAS POP-up Shop – Setup | December 1, 2015

© Eva Zahneissen

› Our last Pop-up Shop in September was so successful that me and my
fellow members of the Etsy Berlin Street Team just have to repeat it:
From December 2–14th 2015 our exclusive XMAS POP-up Shop will open
its doors at Torstraße 161 again, showcasing unique handmade products
from 36 Berlin-based artists and designers.

› Today we spent the entire day setting up – it already looks amazing
with a white-gold-red colour theme, handmade 3-dimensional letters
and a stylized christmas tree shop display in the windows. A big thank
you goes to our talented interior designers Carme, Eva and Funda!

Sneak Peak: Illustrated Map of New Caledonia |
Nov 25, 2015

› In the past two weeks I've been working on a great project: an
illustrated map of New Caledonia – here's a sneak peek. The map
will be part of a biographical book about the life of a famous miner,
published in France and New Caledonia.

› New Caledonia is an overseas territory of France in the Pacific Ocean,
East of Australia. I was super happy to get the commission, as New
Caledonia was always on my list of places to visit. In 2013 I got
pretty close when I visited the neighboring island state of Vanuatu.
Doing the map was like day-dream traveling and I enjoyed researching
the places and finding out about the world's largest lagoon.

› For all travel enthusiasts, I'm planning to have the map on sale in my
Online Shop soon.

Camino Magazine Feature | November 10, 2015

› It's feature time again! This time Carolina & me appear in the Swedish
life style magazine Camino. The article "Berlin med egna Händer" (Berlin
with your own hands
) appeared in their autumn issue "Skaparglädje"
(Creative Joy) and we even received a copy all the way from Sweden.

› Camino's journalist Eva Paulsen came to visit us at our studio in Berlin-
Friedrichshain on the hottest day of summer. She did a photo-shoot and
a nice interview during lunch, focusing on the Etsy creative scene in
Berlin. Thank you Eva & Camino!

First Birthday of my Online Shop! | November 1, 2015

› Today I'm celebrating my shop's first birthday and I have a gift for
you! Anyone who orders a product from my shop this week will get
one unique original bird drawing from me as well, signed by hand.
This offer lasts until I reach 100 total sales. Follow this link to my shop.

Short trip to the lakes | October 27, 2015

› I've been gone for a couple of days to the Müritzsee region in
Mecklenburg. I needed to take a break from all the exciting projects
of the past months. I've done some extensive bike trips around the
lakes, discovered rural churches, abandoned castles and impressive
beech groves. The best part was having a private balcony overlooking
the calm Tiefwarensee right in front of our hotel. Will be back.

ETSY Feature: Inspiring Workspaces | Oct 20, 2015

© Zoë Noble

› I'm happy to announce that I have been featured in the Etsy Seller
Handbook Inspiring Workspaces
series! Audrey Manning from Etsy
came to visit Carolina & me at our Berlin studio for an interview, while
photographer Zoë Noble took some amazing photos! You can see all
photos and read our extensive interview here!

Sketch of the week | October 16, 2015

› The sketch of the week is a set of miniature pencil drawings about
my hometown Berlin-Buch – like landmark buildings and typical birds.
The icons are also included in my illustrated map of Berlin–Buch,
which you can also buy online.

freundin Magazine Feature | Sept 23, 2015

› I got featured for freundin magazine in their late September issue!
They did a photo-shoot of my postcards and a little interview for an
article series called 'Kreativ-Aktion'. Thank you!

› PS: A comprehensive selection of all my postcards is available in
my Online Shop.

Impressions from the Pop-up Shop | Sept 16, 2015

© Jules Villbrandt

› Yesterday was the last day that our Pop-up Shop opened it's doors.
We're overwhelmed by the amount of visitors, the great mood and
the overall positive feedback! Today we have to set the exhibition make the goodbye less sad, our wonderful friend & photo-
grapher Jules Villbrandt came to visit the shop on Monday and took
these beautiful photos! You can see a larger selection here. A special
thanks for the portrait of me in the entrance :)

› Jules' photo & life style blog is so amazing,
you just have to follow it! She was also the photo artist who did an
interview and a studio portrait shoot with Carolina Búzio and me in
January. You can re-read the blog entry here!

Etsy Berlin Pop-up Shop – Opening! | Sept 12, 2015

© Carolina Búzio

› THE SHOP IS OPEN! After 4 months of preparations me and Carolina
can proudly open the doors of the gallery at Torstraße 161.
Come to shop our beautiful products and those of 36 other designers
and join us for our OPENING PARTY from 18h till 22h. There'll be an
exclusive concert by Joe James Boyle, drinks and snacks by Daniel's
! Looking foward to seeing you all! You can still buy things
during the party.

› The unique Pop-up Shop Etsy – Zuhause in Berlin features 36 selected
artists from the Etsy Berlin Street Team, a group of designers who
usually sell their products online only on Etsy. It's open from the 12th
until the 15th of September 2015, on Saturday from 10am – 22pm,
on Sunday from 10am – 7pm and on Monday & Tuesday from 10am –
9pm. The address is Galerie Torstr. 161, 10115 Berlin-Mitte.

› Check our event on Facebook for updates!

Sneak Peak: Illustrated Map of Oregon | Aug 30, 2015

› Here's a very recent map commission I've been working on for the
NY-based agency PMK•BNC: For a printed book pamphlet for Columbia
I was asked to illustrate a map of Oregon showing all the
fun outdoor places, like mountains, rivers and lakes as well as the
Columbia Headquarters in Portland. Even though I've never been to
Oregon, it was really fun researching about the nature and topography
of this West Coast state! This time I added more color to my hand
drawn icons and hand lettered all type in a more dynamic manner.
I hope you like it!

› PS: I'm planning to offer a reworked version of the map in my
Online Shop soon.

Nomination for Etsy Design Awards | August 10, 2015

› I'm happy to announce that I've been selected a finalist at the
ETSY DESIGN AWARDS 2015 Germany & Austria! The award honours
the best up-and-coming artists and designers that excel at their Etsy
online shops. I'm participating with my illustrated map art print
of New Zealand's North Island
, as this was one of my first and all-
time favourite products in my shop.

› It would be absolutely great if you could support me by VOTING HERE
until September 4, 2015, 5pm. You can simply leave your vote by
using your FB, Google or email-account. Thank you and feel free to share!

Etsy Pop-up Shop – Movie Shoot | August 1, 2015

Etsy - PopUp Shop - BERLIN from Linda Jamnongwaree on Vimeo.

› As part of the promotional campaign for our upcoming Pop-up Shop
Etsy – Zuhause in deiner Stadt I've become an actress. I had fun
filming with fellow artist Linda from WonderandQuestion who has kindly
volunteered to shoot the video (even though I had to put that paper
bag onto my head 20 times:). Under the tagline Do you know who we
the film gives a behind-the-scenes insight into my work process
as an illustrator and that of 4 other artists, Eva from Edelconfetti,
Carme from Cirer, Linda from Wonderandquestion and Saara from
Piecesofporcelain. Watch the video here.

› Credits:
video by Linda Jamnongwaree, videographer at
and creator of, graphics by Theresa Grieben,
narration by Anna Benner

Etsy Berlin Pop-up Shop – Design | July 30, 2015

› As part of my leading role of the Etsy Berlin Street Team (EBST)
I've illustrated and designed the promotional material for our upcoming
Pop-up Shop Etsy – Zuhause in Berlin. The exclusive event will feature
36 EBST artists and designers. On the 12th–15th of September 2015
we'll be presenting our best products and creations in a lovely gallery
in Berlin-Mitte, Torstr. 161.

› For the design I used my illustrations of some selected products
in combination with hand lettered type and Etsy's trademark logos &
orange colour scheme. Check our event on Facebook for updates!

Sneak Peek for a book project | July 11, 2015

› This is a sneak peek of my illustration for a collaborative book
project I'm working on at the moment. More details following soon.

My Postcards at LeseGlück Berlin | June 25, 2015

› The fine book shop LeseGlück in Berlin-Kreuzberg has added my
postcards into their product range! Go take a visit at Ohlauer Str. 37,
they also do readings, exhibitions of local artists and offer coffee.

› The address is Ohlauer Str. 37, U-Bahn station Görlitzer Park.
Check out their website.

Hand lettered mailings from my studio | June 10, 2015

› For a series of client mailings I've seized the opportunity and hand
lettered all the addresses myself. The pretty colored envelopes worked
perfectly well with my calligraphy. Inside the envelopes I sent a personal
postcard of my Berlin map, showing Friedrichshain & Kreuzberg – the
district where my studio is located. It was really fun and I'd like to get
more into hand lettering soon!

› See the full selection of my Berlin map postcards here, it is also
available as a high quality art print in my Online Shop.

My Postcards at Levy's Contor Berlin | May 29, 2015

› From today on my Berlin postcards are being sold at Levy's Contor
Berlin! You can find my Berlin-Mitte, -Tiergarten and -Prenzlauer Berg
cards on sale. The lovely shop is located at Hackesche Höfe in Berlin-
Mitte. It sells quirky wooden toys, dolls, gifts and stationary. It's a bit
hidden in the VII. courtyard closer to Sophienstraße – go and take a
stroll, it's worth it!

› The address is Hackesche Höfe, Rosenthaler Str.40–41, Hof VII,
S-Bahn station Hackescher Markt. Check out their website.

My Postcards available for retail sellers | May 28, 2015

› A selection of my illustrated postcards is now available for retailers
like book stores, stationery shops and gift shops.

› If you are a retail seller and would like to sell my postcards
at your shop, please download and fill in this order form //
Bestellschein für den Einzelhandel

Giveaway at Nos Curieux Voyageurs | May 26, 2015

› The French travel site Nos Curieux Voyageurs is having a Giveaway
of my Berlin map till May 30th! To enter the competition you have to
like my Facebook page, their Instagram account and the image itself
on Instagram. Bonne chance!

› See the full view of the Berlin map here, it is also available as a high
quality art print in my Online Shop.

Sketch of the week | May 14, 2015

› The sketch of the week is another lunch time scene. This time we're
celebrating the asparagus season. My nephew helped me with a green
crayon. Bon appétit & Happy Fathers Day!

Dribbble | May 12, 2015

› I've joined Dribbble today! It's a community of designers sharing
show & tell screenshots of projects they've been working on. I've
added my maps and trees. Take a look if you like design!

Short trip to Tirol, Austria | May 2nd, 2015

› As part of a tour to Munich I've seized the chance to do a short trip to
Tirol in Austria. I've visited the Wilder Kaiser region and the villages
Ellmau, Going and Soell. I'll definitely come back there with more time
on my hands to explore the mountains!

Sketch of the Week | April 29, 2015

› My sketch of the week is a self portrait of me.

K'Road Panorama available online | April 28, 2015

› My large panoramic drawing of Auckland's Karangahape Road (K'Road)
is now available for the first time in my Online Shop! The quirky illustration,
which I created as part of my Master of Design project during my studies
in New Zealand, shows in one detailed panorama the variety of urban
buildings, shops and galleries of Auckland's most interesting street.

› You can take a closer look at the original pencil drawing or order the high
quality giclée art print online.

New Gift Wrap option online | April 27, 2015

› I've added a brand new gift wrapping option to my online shop!
Now you can order a print or postcard from me and have it gift wrapped
for any occasion. There's also a selection of 5 different gift tags available.

My Prints & Postcards at Cape Times | April 25, 2015

› My prints and postcards are featured this weekend at the very pretty
shop Cape Times in Berlin-Buch (Künstlerhof) during their annual
spring sale. Go and take a look today (Saturday) from 10 am – 4pm,
they're also selling lovely ceramics, furniture and wooden frames from
South Africa. The address is Alt-Buch 45–51, 13125 Berlin.

› Check Cape Time's Online Shop or visit their café in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg.

Etsy Captain Summit | April 17–19, 2015

Etsy Germany has invited me to participate in a team summit, which
focuses on marketing Etsy online shops in Germany. The location is the
beautiful castle Schloss Wartin in Uckermark. Can't wait!

Budapest Panorama available online | April 16, 2015

› I've added my favourite Budapest panoramic drawing to my Online
! The illustration shows the courtyard house in which I used to live
during my exchange semester in Hungary in 2009–2010.

Design Market Heiliger Bimbam! | Dec 11–14, 2014

› We'll be participating in our second christmas market starting
this Thursday, 11th of December: the BERLIN DESIGN MARKET
Heiliger Bimbam
, which is part of Holy Heimat at the wonderful
venue NEUE HEIMAT. Carolina Búzio and me will be again selling
our illustrations, postcards and artworks.

› The xmas market has a strong focus on fashion & jewelry
as well as arts & crafts made in Berlin. There's also a range of
yummy food, drinks, concerts, bonfires and even an exclusive
ice skating rink open all night.

› The BERLIN DESIGN MARKET Heiliger Bimbam! is held from
3 pm – 12 pm (Thursday & Friday) and from 12 noon – 10 pm
(Saturday & Sunday) at NEUE HEIMAT, Revaler Str. 99, 10245
Berlin (U+S Warschauer Str.). We'd be happy to see you there!

Sneak Preview: Map of Berlin | December 9, 2014

› The latest addition to my series of maps is a quirky Map of Berlin,
the city of my home and heart. In my trademark style I'm showing
some sights and landmarks, my favourite cafés, bistros, clubs and
museums plus some personal annotations.

› I'm selling this latest Berlin artwork during my current christmas
markets in Berlin as high quality art prints. The map will also be
available soon in my online shop. Keeping you updated!

HolyShitShopping X-Mas Market | Dec 6–7, 2014

› Hello people in Berlin! Carolina Buzio and me are having our first
christmas market this season! You can find us this weekend 6–7
December at HolyShitShopping @ Kraftwerk Berlin, Köpenicker Str.
70 (12 noon –10 pm). We'll be sharing a booth with fellow illustrator
and designer Janine Sommer of Siebensachen. Please do come along
and spread the word!

Advent Calendar Giveaway | December 4, 2014

› Good morning! I'm taking part in a lovely Advent Calendar Giveaway
called #Geschenkehagel initiated by Team Etsy Deutschland. Today
you can win one of my butterfly illustrations – simply go to my
Facebook page and answer a question in a comment. I'll close the
giveaway at midnight and announce the lucky winner tomorrow.

› This is my first giveaway this month. I'll be having another one on
December 16th, 2014. Stay tuned! You can also find my butterfly print
for sale in my online shop

The Denizen Magazine Feature | November 21, 2014

› I am very happy to be featured in the latest summer issue of the
New Zealand-based lifestyle magazine The Denizen! I have contributed
my illustrated maps of New Zealand's North and South Island for an
exclusive article about road trips called The Road less travelled
(p. 72–75). The magazine is sold in stores nationwide and can be
ordered online via subscription. I've received my personal copy which
was shipped all the way to Berlin. Thank you Denizen! There's even
a short interview with me on the contributor's page (p.30) where I'm
talking about fancy dress costumes and very bad hook-up lines.

› If you are interested in buying my illustrated maps of New Zealand
as a high quality art print, please visit my Online Shop.

Map of New Zealand large print | November 20, 2014

› I just went to the printer to pick up a special order – a large format
poster of my illustrated New Zealand map. I'm very happy about it!
It features the North and South Island together in one high quality
print, using smooth Hahnemühlen paper and archival inks.

› The poster is also available in 3 different large sizes in my online shop.

ONLINE SHOP OPENING | November 1, 2014

› My first Online Shop is finally open! Find my selected artwork,
prints and postcards for sale on Etsy. I'll regularly list new products,
so please follow me on Facebook for updates!

Sneak Preview for my Online Shop | October 21, 2014

› This wonderful print of New Zealand's South Island is one of
the products I'll be offering in my new Etsy Online Shop, which
will feature my selected illustrations, maps and panoramas as
art prints and postcards. I have been doing a lot of product
photography lately. The anticipated shop opening will be on
NOVEMBER 1st, 2014. Follow me on Facebook for updates!

Map of my hometown Schwanebeck | October 14, 2014

› The latest addition to my series of maps is a personalized Map of
, a municipality right at the north-eastern edge of Berlin.
It's where I've grown up and am living again at this moment.
Originally intended to be a gift for my father, who is the district major
of Schwanebeck (Panketal), I have illustrated not only the typical
landmarks of this area, but also the points of interest of my family
and relatives, plus some common animals and plants.

› This artwork offers a pretty contrast to my Map of West Auckland,
which was my home away from home during my stay in New Zealand.

Follow my work on Facebook | October 2, 2014

© Vicky TePuni

› I'm happy to announce that I have just shared my new
Facebook Page Theresa Grieben Illustration: Here you can
find my latest illustrations, hand-drawn maps & travel diaries.
You may follow my updates, market sales and behind-the-
scenes studio insights.

› Please like, spread the word and share :)

Studio move | September 29, 2013

bitteschö has moved from their former Kreuzberg office
into a new studio in Berlin-Friedrichshain. Carolina Búzio, me &
fellow animator Filippo Letizi are happy to go along. The new
studio is situated in Rudolfstraße right next to a former church,
the Zwinglikirche – there's more spots for other freelancers plus
a beautiful rooftop deck.

› We're also welcoming Jens Blank & Anna Benner, a directing
team who has just moved from London to Berlin. See their fine
animation movies on their website Picasso Pictures.

Mauerpark Market | September 21, 2014

› Come and join us at MAUERPARK MARKET on Sunday,
21 September 2014 from 8 am – 6 pm at Mauerpark,
Bernauer Str. 63/64, 13355 Berlin (U+S Eberswalder Str.)!

Berlin Summer Market | August 27, 2014

› Berlin has an amazing new night market coming this Wednesday,
27th of August: the BERLIN SUMMER MARKET: Carolina Búzio and
me are proud to participate, selling our illustrations and artworks
at the wonderful new venue NEUE HEIMAT.

› The event, which had its launch last Wednesday, 20th of August,
has a strong focus on fashion & jewellery labels as well as arts &
crafts made in Berlin. There's also a range of yummy food, drinks,
music, bonfires and entertainment all night. This Wednesday's
motto will be Kikeriki – Bauernhof trifft Nippes, Gedöns & Fashion.

› The BERLIN SUMMER MARKET is held from 6 pm – 12 pm at
NEUE HEIMAT, Revaler Str. 99/Dirschauer Str. 10245 Berlin
(U+S Warschauer Str.). We'd be happy to see you there!

Limited Print Edition: Leporello of Panorama Forest |
August 26, 2014

› I have just picked up my latest project from the printer: a limited
print edition of my Panorama Forest illustration. The 99 x 23 cm
sized print features a leporello-fold (concertina-fold) and comes in
a cover-folder made of 300 gsm Fedrigioni Sirio Blue cardboard.
As a lovely addition, the cover shows a detail of the forest printed
in white on dark background – thus giving a preview of what's inside.

› My first edition is 10 pieces at a sale price of €40 each. I am first
launching the Leporello at my upcoming market sales at Berlin
Summer Market
, Makers Market and Mauerpark Market (see dates).
It will also be part of my future online shop, which I am opening
in the beginning of October 2014.

3rd New Zealand Map for Sale | August 3, 2014

› I have just finished my latest work, an illustrated map of New
Zealand's South Island: It is also part of my graphic novel and
complements my existing map of New Zealand's North Island.

› All the maps can be bought during my summer market sales in
Berlin (see shop for dates) and will also be available in my future
online shop. The map is drawn from memory and features the
stunning places and endemic animals I've seen during my trip
around the South Island in 2012.

Makers Market Berlin | August 3, 2014

› Another lovely market will feature our illustrations this Sunday,
3rd of August. This time Carolina Búzio and me will participate in
the Prenzlauer Berg based Makers Market.

› The recently launched creative market aims at all people who
appreciate handmade products, inspired design & arts crafted by
local people. Customers can shop, relax, eat and drink or just
take inspiration.

› The Makers Market is held outdoors on every first Sunday of the
month from 12 am – 6 pm at the FIT side in Schwedter Str. 262,
10119 Berlin (U2 Eberswalder Str.). Everybody is warmly invited!

Nowkölln Flowmarkt Berlin | July 27, 2014

› This coming Sunday Carolina Búzio and me will participate at the
Nowkölln Flowmarkt at Maybachufer 31, 12047 Berlin.

› The market will be open from 10 am – 6 pm. Please everybody come!

Kreuzboerg Flowmarkt Berlin | July 6, 2014

› This Sunday I'll have a market stall at the Kreuzboerg Flowmarkt
at Prinzessinnengärten, Berlin. Please do come to visit – I'll be
sharing a table with my friend, fellow illustrator Carolina Búzio
from Porto/Portugal. Together we'll be selling our illustrations as
prints, postcards, mugs and bags. We plan to participate regularly
in Berlin's arts and design markets from now on.

› Check out Carolina's Portfolio and her fantstic online shop on Etsy.

› The Kreuzboerg Flowmarkt offers second hand fashion, handmade
arts and music in a very pleasant location: a former vacant lot that
has been turned into a beautiful garden by locals. The market takes
place every other week from 10am–6pm at Prinzenstrasse 35,
10969 Berlin (U8 Moritzplatz).

2nd New Zealand Map for Sale | June 13, 2014

› This is a preview of a map of New Zealand's North Island that
I have been working on in the last week. It features in my graphic
and is part of a series of maps offered in my future online shop.
The map recounts the places I've visited during my trips around the
North Island in 2012–2013. Little icons represent my activities
(like camping) and what I found along the way (e.g. opossums).

1st New Zealand Map for Sale | May 21, 2014

› I have created a new artwork based on my graphic novel
In the Land of the Long Raincloud. It shows a stylized map of
New Zealand and a range of typical houses and plants that I
found in my former neighbourhood in Pt Chevalier, Auckland.

› This is the first motive in a series of prints that I am designing
as part of my future online shop. I'm planning to open it within
the next two months – it will feature NZ-inspired artwork as well
as postcards, artprints and my panoramic drawings all for sale.

Letterpress Drawers for Sale | May 7, 2014

› I am selling some very charming vintage letterpress drawers
that have been formerly used in a Berlin printshop. The drawers
can be used as shop displays, tabletops, kitchen shelves and
picture frames. They can be repainted or offered as presents.

› Find the whole selection here.

Scientific Drawing for P.H.D. | April 29, 2014

› For Luisa Kunkel I have been working on a series of
scientific drawings of the ear, which are featured in her
P.H.D. The dissertation, which concludes her medical studies
at the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, examines
the musical perception of patients wearing a Cochlea-implant
as opposed to normal people by using ACE and MP3 coding.

SOS Philippines Publication | April 20, 2014

› For the SOS Children's Villages in the Philippines I have
participated in an illustration publication called DUYAN NG
. The title refers to a verse of a Filipino hymn
which means Cradle of the Brave. The publication features
illustrations by artists from all over the world. The aim is to
donate the proceeds of the sale to the SOS Villages present
in the Philippines and especially help to rebuild the village in
Tacloban which had been destroyed by the typhoon Haiyan.

› My contribution is a drawing of a Spot-billed Pelican
(or Pelecanus philippensis), a native bird of the Philippines
which has been almost exterminated but is slowly returning –
despite the turbulence behind him it flies towards the future.

Palawan/Philippines Diary | April 11, 2014

› I have just returned from my 4-week vacation on beautiful
Palawan. I have brought two new sketchbooks full of memories
with me. Places I visited include Guangzhou (the central airport
of Canton, Southern China), the capital Manila, the lovely beach
town Port Barton and El Nido, where I've already been to in 2011.
As I have been travelling together with my cousin Luisa, lot's of
drawings feature her as a model, which she put up with patiently.
In return she photographed me while I was drawing. Greetings to
Danny, Marc, Olav, Erik, Grady, Giaco, Markus, Oli, Julia, Ben & Peter!

› Find all new sketches here.

Unitec Master Graduation | April 8, 2014

› I am glad to announce that my Master of Design project has been
awarded a grade A+ with distinction. I am graduating in absentia
from Unitec on April 8th, 2014. Unfortunately I cannot make it to
New Zealand in person, but the official ceremony will be held at the
Auckland Town Hall at 1:15 pm. For more information, click here.

Journey to the Philippines | March 5, 2014

› I am taking a break from the Berlin winter in order to travel the
Philippines for a month. I will be again on the island of Palawan,
which I've already visited back in 2011. I hope to draw a lot!

Master Thesis book design | February 3, 2014

› I have completed the book design for my Master Thesis Visual
Storytelling and Journeying
, which works as an explanatory document
to my graphic novel In the Land of the Long Raincloud. The written
thesis discusses in six chapters the process of making my graphic
novel and gives thorough theoretical background. The complete
research will be lodged with the Unitec Library.

› The book cover features my panorama of Karangahape Rd, along
with hand drawn type. It has been printed and bound by Berlin
based MAGENTUR, using a HP Indigo 5500 printer on different
paper stock for the cover, introduction and discussion chapters.

New Studio | January 13, 2013

› I am happy to set up my desk at bitteschö, an award winning
creative studio focussed on narration and picture, moving or still.
The studio is situated close to Schlesisches Tor in Berlin-Kreuzberg
and works like an artist collective of illustrators, graphic designers
and animators.

› Check out their fantastic work and Carolina Búzio's lovely illustrations.

Konni | November 29, 2013

› I have uploaded a new selection of drawings, which are part
of my ongoing Berlin diary. In a series of sketches I have
accompanied my sister during the long weeks of her chemotherapy.

Forest Animals | November 19, 2013

› A new project of mine is a series of hand drawn animals
that may occur in German forests – it's inspired by the forest
behind my family home in Berlin. As opposed to my usual
black and white pencil style, I have resorted to water colour
pencil on dark cardboard.

› It is supposed to be a birthday present for my nephew, but
I may also use these drawings for a book in the future.

Urban Sketchers Germany | November 7, 2013

› I am now a member of the Urban Sketchers Germany Facebook
group – my first contribution was a couple of drawings I made in
the anatomy study of the Faculty of Medicine/Charité Berlin.

› I am also posting my latest Berlin drawings onto my website.
Click here to have a look.

Gutes Wedding Schlechtes Wedding | October 4, 2013

› For the birthday of a friend of mine I've designed a
gift card coupon for the Berlin based theatre show
Gutes Wedding Schlechtes Wedding.
The 2-sided card is hand drawn and shows buildings
found in that district of Berlin in combination with
typography that says 'Happy Birthday' and 'Coupon
for 1 Theatre Show for 2 People'.

› Even though Gutes Wedding Schlechtes Wedding
has been on stage for several years, I've only now
after my return from New Zealand started attending.
The show works like an ongoing soap opera, with a
new episode each month and amusing stories that
develop around the main characters. Episode 87 is
called 'Horror in der Uckermark' and starts playing
October 11th.

Return to Berlin | August 15, 2013

› I am back to Berlin where I'll be working as a freelance
illustrator and graphic designer. However after completing
my Master project I am taking a break for a couple of weeks.
I still continue to post drawings onto the Urban Sketchers
Aotearoa Blog

› In the long run I am planning to open an online shop
selling my artworks, prints & postcard.

Master of Design Final Exhibition | August 6, 2013

› I am having my final Master's exhibition on August 6 at the
Ironbank Building, K'Road. This constitutes the end of my 18
months study at Unitec, my experience of living in New Zealand
and the wonderful people I've met. I will present my graphic
novel In the Land of the Long Raincloud for the first time, but I'll
also showcase original artworks, illustrations and prints which
will be for sale.

› Prior to the exhibition opening at 4pm I will have my Masters
examination at 3pm. It is open to the public so everybody is
welcome to attend. Food and drinks will be provided.

› Find more information about my Master project here.

Vanuatu | July 10, 2013

› After handing in my Master thesis I've decided to go on a short
trip to the Pacific island of Vanuatu. The archipelago is situated
between Fiji and New Caledonia and a popular holiday destination
for Kiwis and Australians. I'll arrive in Port Vila, the capital, and
plan to travel on the main Island Efate. I'm hoping to avoid the
usual resorts and stay with local families renting out bungalows
on the beach, thus getting to know the Melanesian culture and food.

Urban Sketchers Aotearoa | July 5, 2013

› I am now a member of Urban Sketchers Aotearoa, NZ!
I'll regularly post drawings of the places I've visited in
New Zealand and also from my overseas journeys.

› Check the blog:

The Collaborative Cityscape | May 13, 2013

› At Chromacon me and Nicola Brady (Rickitinic) did a joint drawing,
a spontaneous collage of Auckland's landmark buildings, which we
called the The Collaborative Cityscape. Find the full panorama here.

We raffled the original off at the end of the exhibition – it went to
Becky from Red Beach/Orewa, congratulations! Nevertheless we
are planning on having a limited print edition. More details will be
published soon.

› Check out Nicola's fantastic artwork here!

CHROMACON | May 12, 2013

› I will participate in this year's Chromacon, Auckland's Illustration
& Comic Arts Festival. I will share a booth with fellow illustrator
Nicola Brady (Rickitinic). We'll showcase and sell our artworks and
drawings on Sunday, 12th of May at Aotea Centre, 9am - 5pm.

Chromacon is an annual independent Illustration and Comics Arts
Festival. It is a non-profit, community focused event that aims to
connect a broad spectrum of Kiwi creatives and art-lovers together.

Family Portraits #3 | March 31, 2013

› The latest addition to my family project. Find more portraits here.

› If you are interested in getting your portrait drawn in this particular
style, please don't hesitate to contact me.

White Night & Auckland Arts Festival | March 16, 2013

› My K'Rd panorama has been selected for Unitec's White Night
Show as part of the Auckland Arts Festival 2013. It will be
displayed from March 16 – 27 in the Library Foyer Gallery at
Building 1, Mt Albert Campus. It is part of a showcase of
outstanding work from current students and recent graduates
of Unitec's Master of Design programme.

› Find a preview of the drawing here.

Postcard Design | February 28, 2013

› I have used the past weeks to design a series of New Zealand
related postcards. These feature classical themes such as sealife,
birds and butterflies. I have also created a pattern that represents
Auckland's urban architecture. The postcard designs will feature in
my Master of Design project.

› Find a wider selection here.

Travel Diary New Zealand #4 | February 12, 2013

› A little update on my diary drawings: I've filled yet another
sketchbook with impressions from Karekare Beach and the
North Island. I also went on a trip with my mother and sister,
trying to capture important moments from their visit.

› Find all drawings here.

Family Portraits #2 | January 20, 2013

› I have added a number of new drawings to my ongoing family
project. This time I drew the Kiwi family that I am currently
staying with in Auckland. The portraits are done freehand using
white colour pencil on dark cardboard.

› If you are interested in getting your portrait drawn in this particular
style, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Family Portraits | January 8, 2013

› Over the christmas break I have done a series of portrait
drawings for a family I am friends with. They are drawn
freehand from photos and show their children in different
ages as well as the grandparents.

› If you are interested in getting your portrait drawn, please
don't hesitate to contact me.

South Island road trip – Movie | January 19, 2013

NZ SOUTH from Stefan Filzmoser on Vimeo.

› My friend Stefan Filzmoser has turned our road trip to the
South Island back in July 2012 into an amazing video, which
literally takes me down memory lane. While Stefan, Phil, Alex
and me were visiting places like the Abel Tasman National Park,
Christchurch, Queenstown, Lake Wanaka or Milford Sound he
continuously filmed the great nature around us. Together with
cool music it makes for an amazing video. Watch and enjoy!

Travel Diary New Zealand #3 | Dec 28, 2012

› I am already in New Zealand for 10 months and time just
flies by. I have filled yet another travel diary with drawings
from places such as Waiheke Island, Piha, Lake Waimanu
and Coromandel Peninsula. They will be added to the large
number of drawings that I use for my Master project.

› Find a selection of these drawings here.

UNITEC GradShow Opening | November 29, 2012

› The UNITEC Department of Creative Arts is opening its doors
from Nov 29 – Dec 6 for the annual GradShow. Students
graduating after a 3-years Bachelor degree will show their final
projects to the public.

› The Master of Design students will display their work in progress.
Amongst others, I will exhibit my original K'Rd panorama and my
latest visual experiments for my graphic novel.

› I will also have my second Masters Workshop on December 1st,
4pm in the same location. This presentation will take place in front
of a panel of visiting critics and is open to the public.
(Building 202, Unitec, Mt Albert campus)

› Check out the GradShow programme.

Master of Design by Project | November 18, 2012

› Find an overview and latest updates here.

Photoshoot with Vicky TePuni | November 3, 2012

© Vicky TePuni

› With Auckland based photographer Vicky TePuni I enjoyed a
lovely day on campus posing as a model.

› The photoshoot tells my story of coming from Germany to New
Zealand. The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side shows
my situation of sitting between the two cultures, always having
my suitcase packed and ready to go in any direction.

› This photoshoot is a great addition to my Master of Design project
by taking the outside view of myself as opposed to the subjective
graphic novel that I am currently working on.

› Find a video slideshow of the entire photoshoot here.

3-Minute-Thesis Competition | October 3, 2012

› During the annual UNITEC Postgraduate Research Symposium I
will present my Master of Design project at the 3-Minute-Thesis
. This requires to communicate the main ideas of my
project to a judging panel by giving a convincing talk not longer
than 3 minutes and showing only one image.

Panorama Karangahape Road | August 18, 2012

› I have just completed a Panorama of Karangahape Road,
or rather K'Rd, as it is known locally. I will use it as an initial
stage for my graphic novel, since it was the first place I en-
countered when arriving in New Zealand.

› My Master of Design project aims to represent my experience
of coming to New Zealand by combining personal storytelling
and illustration within a graphic novel.

› Find the complete version of the panorama here.

Travel Diary New Zealand #2 | July 8, 2012

› During the mid-semester break I journeyed around the South
Island while working on my Master project. I have filled another
sketchbook with drawings from Christchurch, Akaroa, Kaikoura,
Nelson, Wesport, Franz Josef Glacier and Queenstown.

› Find a selection of these drawings here.

Threaded Magazine | May 28, 2012

© Threaded Magazine

› For the 12th edition of Auckland based Threaded Magazine
I have been selected to showcase some of my illustrative
work in the student section.

Threaded Magazine is a collaborative design publication
that aims to offer insights into the best practices across
the creative industries. It can be bought in New Zealand
and Australia or ordered online at
It will also be on-sale in Asia and the UK from June 14th.

Travel Diary New Zealand | May 15, 2012

› The first 3 month of my stay in New Zealand have passed and I
have kept a travel diary as always. Apart from living and studying
in Auckland I did a couple of trips all over the North Island, including
Cape Reinga and Ahipara, Whangarei, Rotorua and Great Barrier
Island. The impressions I gathered during those journeys will play
a major role in my Master of Design project.

› Find a selection of these drawings here.

International Photoshoot, UNITEC | March 20, 2012

› The International Student Office asked me to pose for the
2013 edition of their International Prospectus. It shows all
the departments and courses of study for internationals, plus
application advice for future students. As I am the only
international student in the current Master of Design program
I am giving a short statement about my studies and what
made me choose UNITEC. I really enjoyed the photoshoot
on campus!

› See a sample of the prospectus here.

Welcome to Auckland, New Zealand | Febr. 21, 2012

› I arrived in Auckland after a journey of 30 hours, which will be my
home for the next 18 months.

› After nearly 2 years of working as a freelancer in Berlin I am going to
commence my postgraduate studies at UNITEC Institute of Technology.
I will graduate in 2013, having achieved my Master of Design.

› Details about my intended Master project will be published soon.

The talented Mr. Ripley – Contest | January 9, 2012

› During the last couple of weeks I participated in an illustration contest
announced by the Büchergilde Gutenberg for a new illustrated edition
of Patricia Highsmith's novel The talented Mr. Ripley.

› I did a variety of drawings that have mostly been inspired by my
recent trip to Italy. More drawings can be found here.

› I slightly changed my illustration style and this time drew on recycled
paper using pencil and white colour, thus creating a special mood of
Italy in the 50ies and Mr. Ripley's crimes.

Portrait Series – Anton | Dec 18, 2011

› For the 1st birthday of my nephew Anton I drew a portrait, using
watercolour pencils on blue cardboard. Every birthday from now on
I will add a new drawing to the series, showing him growing up and
discovering the world.

› Find a larger size here.

Italy and Berlin...Drawings | Nov 1 – Dec 26, 2011

› I just came back from a short trip to Italy, where I did research for an
ongoing illustration project. On my way I did a couple of drawings that
catch the mood of the places. See them here, plus a selection of
illustrations I did during the last months in Berlin.

Travel Diary Russia & Mongolia | September 16, 2011

› I have spent 4 weeks in Russia and Mongolia doing the Trans-
Siberian/Trans-Mongolian Railway. During this fascinating journey
I was drawing a lot, either on train, on cars, in the countryside or
in the various cities I visited. Find these drawings here.

ADC Junior Award & Exhibition | May 6, 2011

› For the annual Art Directors Club Exhibition & Award show in
Frankfurt a.M. I participated with my Bachelor of Arts project
Panorama Forest
and was awarded a distinction within the
Junior Contest.

Journey South-East Asia | March 2, 2011

› I am currently gone to a creative journey to the Philippines. The
aim is to find new motives and inspiration for my illustration style,
while getting to know the country and its people.

EOS App Preview | February 1, 2011

© rethink GmbH

› A preview for the latest iPad app (VW) Eos LIVING by
rethink GmbH has been released and can now be viewed at

› I contributed to this app with 17 individual black-and-white
illustrations depiciting some of the favourite spots of actor
Daniel Brühl within Berlin and Barcelona.

Wall Illustration | January 15, 2011

© FoliX GmbH

› For the Ratingen-based company Folix GmbH I was chosen
to set up a product line for a wall tattoo online shop. The motives
are made up of coloured foil and can stick to any wall.

› Among the diverse categories are Zodiac Signs, Children's Room,
Kitchen, Worldwide, Music, Animals, Flowers
and many others,
amounting to about 200 different motives.

Das Wild magazine | January 3, 2011

© J. Bielau, R. Deutsch, T. Grieben, F. Kolb, S. Lange, J. Ritter, L. Siggel, K. Tauer,
C. Vieweg, N. Ullrich, J. Wù

› My former illustration class in University of Art Halle set up a
collaboration during the last semester, a beautiful silkscreen
print magazine called Das Wild. The main theme was the life of
wild creatures/children in forests or wilderness.

› I contributed parts of my panorama drawing forest used as
book end paper. It is printed in two layers using cyan and gold
colours, thus creating a visually interesting impression of being
deep inside a forest.

› The magazine is available for sale in specialised bookstores
throughout Halle and Leipzig. See more

ERASMUS CALENDAR 2011 | January 1, 2011


› For the annual ERASMUS-Calendar 2011 by © DAAD my
panorama drawing Izabella Utca 75 was chosen among
other applicants for the month of March.

› The calendar is available for free download here

Merry Christmas | December 24, 2010

› Download wallpaper here

VW Eos iPad LIVING | December 3, 2010

© rethink GmbH

› For the upcoming iPad app VW Eos LIVING Theresa Grieben
created 17 individual illustrations showing the favorite spots
of actor Daniel Brühl within Berlin and Barcelona.

› Among these sights are the Arkona Flea Market and the
Frankfurter Tor in Berlin, as well as the Cathedral of Barcelona
and Frank Gehry's famous Fish sculpture.

› The iPad app is currently in production and will be launched
on the 19th of January 2011 in Berlin by rethink GmbH.

Rewilding Europe | November 18, 2010

© Rewilding Europe

Rewilding Europe is a Netherlands-based initiative.
It aims to maintain and restore fallow territories throughout Europe
back to wild life and ecological balance. The programme will intiate
10 area’s of at least 100,000 hectares, reflecting the majority of
European ecosystems, flora and fauna.

› Together with Plural | Severin Wucher Theresa Grieben created
the major part of the new logo, which shows an arrow-shaped swarm
of wild animals, plants and people heading towards a bright future.
The swarm consists of 28 single icons that have been drawn by hand
and later vectorized.

› The new logo is introduced today at the Official Launch of Rewilding
Europe in Brussels, which is hosted by Princess Laurentien van Oranje.

jetzt neu | October 29, 2010

© Stiftung Neue Verantwortung

› The Berlin-based foundation Neue Verantwortung invites to join their
latest BERLIN LOUNGE: How to become a (more) creative society at
Beisheim Center/Potsdamer PLatz.
Editor and host Thomas Ramge will lead an open discussion with special guest
Dr. Sebastian Turner/Scholz & Friends. Guests are welcome to participate.

› Accompanying to this the iPad magazine jetzt neu will be presented.
This is the first release of the edition bf2, which is designed by Severin Wucher
and illustrated by newcomer Theresa Grieben.
It consists of interiews, reports and essays concerning the topic of creativity
and ways of implementation within our society. Under the leadership of
journalist Thomas Ramge a group of experts from political, economical or
scientifical background have researched the potentials of a creative society
for over one year and brought together their insights in various articles.

jetzt neu is available as a free eBook download
It will soon be available at as a print-on-demand edition.

Frankfurt Book Fair | October 6–10, 2010

› Theresa Grieben's BA project forest will be presented among others at the
annual stand of Burg Giebichenstein University of Art Halle at the Frankfurt
Book Fair
. Works from students of the Design and Art Department, including
communication design, book art and grahics are also offered for sale.

Zoo Magdeburg | August 4, 2010

© Zoo Magdeburg

› Together with Plural | Severin Wucher and Cathleen Gettkandt illustrator
Theresa Grieben designed a series of handprinted silk screen posters for
the 60th anniversary of the Zoo Magdeburg.

› The series contains 3 different motives showing a lynx, a tiger and a giraffe,
that will be exclusively sold at the Zoo Shop.
The posters will also be published in a larger offset print edition throughout
Magdeburg. The lynx motive is as well being used as the cover of the year
book 60 years Zoo Magdeburg.

Bachelor of Arts Graduation | July 14, 2010

› After 4 years of studies at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art Halle –
communication design / illustration
Theresa Grieben graduated with her
panorama project forest as Bachelor of Arts.
The final presentation was followed by the BA certificate ceremony.

› Theresa Grieben works now as a free illustrator and graphic designer
in Berlin.

Free Font Compendium | July 9, 2010

Burg Giebichenstein University of Art Halle – experimental typography
The course held by Leipzig based typographer Nina Hug collaborated
during one semster on a compendium concerning free fonts.

› These fonts may sometimes be boring, ugly or poorly designed, but there
are also free fonts of good quality. The compendium shows interesting
ideas of how to use these fonts in an appealing or creative way – each
student worked on 10 fonts and conveys his own idea of how to possibly
employ them on individually coloured paper.

› The compendium is published at the Burg Giebichenstein annual exhibition
from 17th – 19th July 2010. The first edition is already sold out but a
second edition will be released at the end of the year.