Other Illustrated Maps

editorial commissions

› This is my colourful hand drawn map of Ireland's major highlights.

› I've also turned this map illustration into a Postcard, which is available in my Online Shop.

Rävemåla / Sweden Bicycle Map

› During my stay at Rävemåla Artist Residency in Sweden I've created an exclusive
bicycle map of the area around Rävemåla for all past and future residents.

BBC World Histories Magazine 2017–2018

› I'm illustrating a number of historic maps for an ongoing BBC World Histoires magazine series called
In the Footsteps of..., which is all about famous (mostly British) explorers and their expeditions.

› Issue I: Sir John Franklin's famous Arctic Expedition in 1845–46.

› Issue II: Sir Francis Younghusband's Conquest of Tibet and the Himalaya in 1903–04.

› Issue III: Alexander Gardner's flight from Afghanistan crossing the Hindu Kush in 1826–28.

› Issue IV: Hieronymus Münzer's journey to Portugal and Spain in 1494–95.

› Issue V: Alexander Gordon Laing's quest for Timbuktu in 1825–26.

› Issue VI: Ausonius' journey along the Moselle river in Roman Gaul in AD368.

› Issue VII: Pytheas of Massalia's journey to Britannia and Thule in the 4th century BC.

› Issue VIII: The famous Hippie Trail from London to India in the late 1960s.

› Issue IX: Pliny the Younger's travel along the Roman Empire to Bithynia-Pontus (Turkey) in AD111.

› Issue X: José de San Martín's quest across the Andes to free Chile from Spanish rule in 1817.

› Issue XI: The famous, but ill-fated expedition of Burke & Wills in Australia in 1860-61.

› Issue XII: British painter and poet Edwar Lear explored Ottoman Albania in 1848.

Glamour Magazine

› I've been commissioned to draw a series of illustrated maps for Glamour Magazine
Germany for 3 consecutive articles about road trips. These articles appeared in the May,
June and July issues 2016 and featured my maps of the Southwestern USA, East
Thailand, Russia/Mongolia and South India.

Columbia Sportswear

› Here's a another recent map commission I've been working on for the NY-based agency
PMK•BNC: For a printed book pamphlet for Columbia Sportswear I was asked to illustrate
a map of Oregon showing all the fun outdoor places, like mountains, rivers and lakes as
well as the Columbia Headquarters in Portland.

New Caledonia

› Last year I had the pleasure to work on a book project, together with French designer
Enora Le Bourdonnec. The book is called Georges Montagnat – Ce pionnier venu du Nord
, it's a biography of Georges Montagnat, a miner from the French Département
d'Outre Mer New Caledonia in the Pacific Ocean. I've illustrated a map of the island state
in the beginning of the book that shows all stations of Georges' life.


› For the popular language learning Babbel Magazine I've been commissioned to draw a
typographic map of Vienna, showing typical Austrian idioms that are hard to understand,
even for Germans. I've also drawn another typographic Map of Berlin, which shows the
path of two popular Candadian Youtube stars, who tried to discover Berlin by using
essential Berlin phrases